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RSVP Dating Agency history

Patrick MacDonald first opened the doors of RSVP to the singles in Northamptonshire in 1992. Such was the demand - and the lack of credible, sophisticated alternatives - that the formula of hand-picked matches and singles events in Leicester and Bedford soon followed. Further expansion quickly followed as the organisation grew and Patrick was joined by General Manager Gaynor Macrow. Through high-profile advertising and an enviable word-of-mouth reputation, RSVP soon became the way to meet your new partner across the Heart of England.

Dating in Birmingham, Dating in Leicester and Dating in Rugby with RSVP soon became easier as RSVP opened offices as the membership expanded to cover the locations RSVP serves today. By 2006, RSVP had over 14,000 lifetime members on its books.

After 14 years leading one of the most successful introduction agencies and singles clubs in the UK, Patrick finally decided to retire in 2006, leaving the organisation in great shape for enthusiastic new owners. You can download the full history of RSVP.

RSVP founder Patrick MacDonald

RSVP Singles Club today

RSVP owners Anne and Roland Stringer

RSVP Singles Club today is a family-owned organisation - led by husband and wife team Anne Stringer and Roland Stringer. Anne is chief matchmaker: "I wanted to do something which changes peoples lives. And you only have to look at the wonderful letters and emails we receive to know that RSVP certainly does that".

"I have a strong conviction that we should operate according to our values and beliefs. We're quite close to being a club and that brings the ethos of running it for the benefit of the members." Indeed, the fact that members frequently refer to RSVP as 'we', suggests that the ethos works.

RSVP is a technology-aware organisation, rather than a technology-based one. "Yes," says Anne, "we've invested heavily in technology, but what makes us distinctive and what people seek out is our level of personal service. The technology means we can work smarter, achieve better matches for members and stay in touch with people using their preferred communication method".

"I'm also hugely proud of the fact that we welcome people of all ages over 30. So many agencies confine their attention to the under 55s. But at RSVP, everyone's welcome. After all, everyone needs love."


RSVP Personal Matchmaking

RSVP's experience in matchmaking has been built over 20 years. The RSVP Platinum membership brings you your own Dating PA. Together with Dating Consultants, they provide a complete personal matchmaking service.

But our Gold Membership also offers hand-selected one-to-one introductions. We look for the elements in a match that determine long term relationship success.

That means using three different factors in matching:
  • Fact
  • Personality
  • Instinct

And very few agencies can offer all three. It's because RSVP takes such care over the initial interview that we can draw on all three of these factors in our matching.

RSVP matchmaker at work

RSVP Dating Consultants

RSVP Dating Consultant Kerry RSVP Dating Consultant Michelle RSVP Dating Consultant Anne

Our principal Dating Consultants, Kerry, Michelle and Anne undertake most of our member interviews and help select matches for Platinum members.

Kerry joined RSVP after eight years in recruitment. "This has got to be the best job in the world," is her succinct observation.

Michelle is a great listener and will soon put you at your ease with her professional manner

and valuable relationship insights.

Anne is also our Chief Matchmaker, but helps out when we get really busy. Learn more about Anne here.

All our Dating Consultants are wonderfully welcoming people who will genuinely put you at your ease at what we understand can be a difficult time.


RSVP Head Office Team

RSVP Head Office

One of the principal advantages of RSVP over cheap and not very cheerful dating sites is that there's always someone to talk to. And whether that's before you join, when you're looking for advice on the different forms of membership, or during your membership, you'll find our many specially-trained friendly Dating Consultants are at the end of a telephone six days a week. You never need feel alone with RSVP.

Though we're happy to take enquiries through our website or by email, many of our members - and prospective members - still prefer the personal touch and like to call us.

And we're only too happy with members calling us, since it allows us to get to know you better and keep tabs on how you're doing with their matches and singles events. It's the complete opposite from the harsh anonymity of internet dating; members feel they belong to something really special, as they frequently tell us.

We can also let you know about extra singles events coming up in your area, hear how your last date went and take feedback on how we're doing, too.


Singles Events Hosts also part of the RSVP family

The line between RSVP and its members has always been blurred. Many RSVP members have become close friends and we rely on their goodwill to help us organise such a wonderfully wide collection of singles events every month.

Carol - now happily paired off - hosted many of our singles events in Birmingham and was always there as a buddy for new members. She knows how it feels to be coming along to your first RSVP event and has some sage advice for new members:

"Now, I know it’s not easy going along to your first RSVP singles event, but when you get there, you’ll find that everyone is friendly and welcoming; after all, we've all been there! And, we are all there for the same thing - to make new friends and meet that special someone. Every singles event is hosted; if you are really nervous about going in on your own, call the host and ask them to meet you outside."

Get to meet our hosts at some of our superb singles events every month on offer to all RSVP members.


RSVP: Aiming to be a good corporate citizen

We're only too well aware that all organisations - just like individuals - make an impact on the world around them. We constantly strive to minimise the adverse and maximise the beneficial impact we have on the world.

We're strong supporters of charities and endeavour to give our chosen causes a hand whenever we can. Read here about Kerry, Theresa and Anne's exploits in raising money for endangered mountain gorillas.

We've critically assessed our environmental impacts and concluded that these fall in four main areas:

1. Travel. Our Dating Consultants travel to meet new members and, wherever they can, they travel by train. We implore prospective members not to stand us up, because that's the ultimate waste of scarce resources; we'll always happily rearrange an appointment if it turns out to be inconvenient.

2. Paper. We produce a beautiful quarterly calendar and, necessarily, a fair bit of marketing material. We always aim to minimise wastage.

3. Post. Historically, RSVP has been a good customer of Royal Mail but we know that each item creates extra journeys and uses paper. Accordingly, by default, we send our members their matches by email, which makes our service both faster and more environmentally-friendly.

4. Power. We've carefully chosen our servers and computers for their low power consumption and we use LCD monitors throughout. We operate a dial-in network so our staff can work from home if they need to - or from anywhere in the world they happen to be. Our Head Office uses low-energy lighting throughout with motion-sensitive switching, plus internal cabling which includes green power-over-ethernet switching - it turns off power to computer and telephone devices when they don't need it.

In time, we're sure there's more we can do, but we also look for your support in our pursuit of these aims.


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