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10 reasons our members say RSVP is sooo much better than internet dating

Millennium Lovers


1. It's faster.

Yes, hard though it is to believe in this internet age, with RSVP, there's no need to email backwards and forwards. Once you receive an introduction, just pick up the phone, book a date and you're there. The other person will already know a bit you and have given the okay for you to call.

Come here, lover

2. You meet a lot more people

Because you get plenty of one-to-ones and you get to meet people at events, you get to see a lot more people. Members report meeting four or five people in their first month.

3. It's so much easier: we do it all for you

You don't really have to do a lot: request a one-to-one, make a phone call, go out and meet. Or, if you are another member's one-to-one, you vet their profile and, if you're happy, receive their phone call. There's none of that emailing backwards and forwards; we do all that for you.

4. Our members are who they say they are

Because we meet every prospective member, we know who they are, where they live and what they're like. And we prepare the profiles, so there are none of those fibs you get in internet dating.

5. It's totally confidential

Your profile does not appear on any website and will only ever be released to another RSVP member with your specific permission. Your surname is never released.

6. Everyone's single

A third of internet daters are not single at all! Many are playing away or seeing if they can improve on their current partner. With RSVP, everyone is genuinely single.

7. You have two ways to meet people

With RSVP, everyone has access to superb singles events every month. These aren't events for people with no social life; they're our way of giving you the opportunity to meet many single people every week! Try doing that on the internet! What's more, events allow you to meet those you unwittingly excluded in the criteria you specified at the outset - but might just find chemistry with.

8. Our matching is more sophisticated

Because we meet every prospective member, we take a detailed inventory of their likes, dislikes, what they're looking for and their personality characteristics. Our skill and expertise comes in using the power of technology and the knowledge of experience to match you with people who have things in common with you from the outset.

9. You can talk to us

It can be a difficult time for people, especially if they're retuning to the dating scene after a time away. We'll give you as much help and support as you need to get the best from your time with RSVP. We've been established 15 years; for your protection, we're a member of the ABIA. We know what we're doing.

10. Our memberships are for a lifetime

Once you've joined RSVP, you need never pay that registration fee again. You can go on hold if you meet someone and come back to us whenever you like if, for whatever reason, it doesn't work out.

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