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Dating Memberships


Which dating membership is the right one for you?

Gold membership
Fast: Just one call/email is all it takes to get each of your regular hand-selected matches
Extra: You may also be selected as a match when others request one
Come and Go as you please: membership never expires
Convenient and flexible: put your membership on hold if you meet someone or get very busy at work
Quarterly newsletter and calendar; all the benefits of Neon Membership
Fast and Easy: no emailing backwards and forwards trying to get a date; we do all that for you
Private and Confidential: your surname is never revealed; your phone number is only released with your permission
Accurate and trustworthy: our profiles are always accurate; our members are who they say they are
RSVP Platinum membership
Fast: Just one call/email is all it takes to get each of your matches, carefully selected by your Dating PA.
Extra: You may also be selected as a match when others request one, where your Dating PA considers they will be a good match for you.
Your Dating PA cherry-picks new members as they join for matching with you
Your Dating PA is always at the end of the phone for help or advice
Guaranteed access to exclusive 'by invitation only' events and Preferential Booking for events
Optional FREE introductory session with our image coach or personal coach
Fast and Easy: no emailing backwards and forwards trying to get a date; your Dating PA promotes you to your matches before you pick up the phone. So you do less but meet more people.
All the benefits of Neon Membership and Gold Membership
Compare all RSVP memberships Register your interest in Gold membership Register your interest in Platinum membership
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How does RSVP's dating process work?

View sample dating profiles of some of our lady members
View sample dating profiles of some of our gentleman members

RSVP offers possibly the easiest and fastest way to go dating. For you, it's simple and pain-free.

To offer that kind of service, we'll need an hour of your time for us to understand what you have to offer and what you're looking for in a partner. We get to know you hobbies and interests, your personality preferences, your likes and dislikes. All of those criteria are recorded on our sophisticated matchmaking system, which allows our matchmakers to quickly produce a shortlist from which they'll select the best possible match at any given moment.

But the investment on your part will be so worthwhile. With RSVP, there's no trawling through profiles, no emailing backwards and forwards, trying to get a date,

no wondering if your profile paints you in the best possible light. Relax. We do all the legwork for you. All you have to do is make one call to arrange the date.

Our success stems from employing excellent people who have a wealth of experience in successful matchmaking. Their knowledge and experience will help you get the best from your RSVP membership. Our dating introductions process uses a unique blend of modern technology and over eighteen years of proven experience. And we never lose the personal touch; if you're used to the anonymity of the internet, you'll find RSVP a more personal experience.

See how our dating introductions process works step-by-step here.

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Get started dating today

You can complete the first stage of joining online for free. From the initial information you provide, we will make sure that we can offer you a good service.

If we feel can offer you a good service, we'll move on to the second stage - understanding what you have to offer and the kind of partner you're looking for - at a meeting near where you live with one of our expert Dating Consultants. We meet all prospective members in an informal setting, get to know you and what you're looking for and explain the different levels of membership we offer. It's completely free and without obligation. It takes about an hour; after all, the more we know about the real you, the more we can tell your prospective partners!

When you decide to become a dating member of RSVP, your expert RSVP Dating Consultant will work with you to complete our personal profile form - it's comprehensive and probably the best in the industry. The information we collect gets recorded on our powerful software and allows our canny matchmakers to match against a wide range of criteria.

That information we collect also allows us to put together a personal profile to describe you to potential matches. We'll draft this for you and you can amend it whenever you like. We encourage our members to make their profiles as current and distinctive as possible. View sample profiles of ladies and sample profiles of men.

RSVP Personal Profile
Coffee date Daters lunch in the park Watching TV as a couple RSVP Grand Summer Ball

How soon can you start meeting people?

Once we've met you and you've paid the one-off registration fee, your contract will start and we'll begin work on your behalf. We'll give you the latest Events Calendar plus details of how to access the RSVP Website Members Area. You're then free to come to events and start meeting people. The day of your meeting if you want! Remember, Gold and Platinum members enjoy the full benefits of Neon membership, and we encourage you to use that.

Within a few days, once you've agreed your personal profile, we can begin the matchmaking service. You will receive the profile of a potential partner who our matchmakers consider the best match at that point.

Whilst you study the profile of the match we have selected, we will make contact with that person. We will tell them about you and gain their permission for you to have their name and telephone number.


Their answer will usually be 'yes'; after all, that's why they've joined. Once you have your match's name and number, one call from you is all it takes to have a chat and agree on whether you want to meet up.

When you're selected as a match for another member, the same thing happens in reverse. If your answer is 'no', your number will not be divulged.

After the first one, we'll wait for you to call or email us to request your introductions; after all, we don't want to distract you if you're in the first throes of an exciting new relationship.

After the first one, to speed things up and minimise our carbon footprint, we prefer to email profiles. Here are some sample profiles of ladies and sample profiles of gentlemen.

Compare all RSVP memberships View your matches for free Start dating or singles events with RSVP today
London Lovers Rural Dating Cute couple Laughter and love Dreaming of the future Biking Dating Couple


Is Gold or Platinum the right membership for you? Compare the features of our full range of dating and singles events memberships here.

Provide us with a few details about yourself (there's no obligation to take it further) and we'll advise pricing and availability once we know how we can help. Or call us 6 days a week to chat through the options.

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