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RSVP's dating introductions service: how it works

RSVP's dating introductions process is based around the twin principles of confidentiality and convenience. That means for all RSVP dating memberships - unlike virtually every other dating agency - we always obtain your permission before handing out a phone number. It also means, your introduction already knows about you before you talk to each other - so there's a much better chance of getting the date.

Like everything in RSVP, our introductions process is an opt-in one.  Unless you say so, you’re not obliged to request an introduction or be introduced.  This puts control where it belongs: with you. Introductions can be requested by phone, email and via the Members Area of the RSVP website.

As every introduction is hand-picked, we collect feedback from you on how close each introduction is to your ideal.  That way, if the people we’re introducing you to aren’t ideal, we can do something about it.  So, after each introduction, we'll ask you to complete an online Feedback Form. 

You can also be someone else’s introduction. By definition, it takes two to make an introduction, so you’re likely to be approached by us where you meet someone else’s criteria.  We’ll call you and tell you about the person you’ll be introduced to. Hopefully, you’ll give permission for your number to be passed on. You have nothing to lose with these introductions - they don’t count towards your monthly introductions, so they’re extra.

Dating: how it works Dating: how it works Dating: how it works Dating: how it works
Dating: how it works Dating: how it works Dating: how it works Dating: how it works

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