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RSVP dating reviews in the media

There are so many reviews in our archive that we've split them into the main media channels, to make them easier to navigate. Please click on one of the media sections to see the reviews.

RSVP reviews on radio

RSVP is regularly on call by radio stations across our area as the experts in dating and relationships. The record so far is three broadcasts in one day! We've arranged a small collection of Anne and Kerry's on-air dialogues so you can get a feel for what RSVP is about.

Anne with Karl Cooper at BBC Radio Leicester

RSVP on TV: RSVP offers a different way of Looking for Love, ITV1

RSVP events and members featured in the documentary Looking for Love, shown on ITV1. It was a great opportunity to meet some members and see what we get up to.

RSVP reviewed on TV

RSVP on TV: The Princesses go Undercover with RSVP, BBC3

RSVP's Whitewater Rafting event was gatecrashed by Undercover Princesses Aaliya and Xenia. Like the rest of us, they got a little wet!

Princesses afloat

RSVP reviewed in print and online

Just a few from the vast archive of RSVP features in newspapers, magazines and online. Dating agenies are an endless source of fascination to the media, though we're always fiercely protective of our members' privacy.

RSVP reviewed in print and online

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