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Thinking of internet dating?

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RSVP's dating and singles events memberships are not online dating and they differ in several important respects from typical internet dating memberships.

To help you decide which is right for you, we've put together a handy guide to compare RSVP membership with a typical internet dating experience.

In dating, as in most things in life, you generally get what you pay for.

Don't get frustrated with internet dating
Membership features
RSVP (Gold)
Typical online dating site
Lifetime Membership
Pay as you go, sometimes with join-up incentives
Superb singles events every month
Quarterly newsletter and calendar
Freeze and reactivate membership at any time if you meet someone special or get busy at work
Usually have to sign up again if you take a break, which is why many leave their profiles active even whilst in a relationship
Matches based on the key elements of long-term relationship success
One or two work this way, but usually it's down to you to wade through those available
How many calls/emails does it take to get a date?
0 - 2
As many as it takes
Life coaching available
Image coaching available
Totally confidential service
Not confidential: your image is usually available for anyone (including friends, family and work colleagues) to see
Regular one-to-one introductions requested by you
You will get as many introductions as you can persuade from people by emailing backwards and forwards
Be a match for introductions requested by others
Depends how good your profile is
Your introductions are hand-picked by our team of experts, who you can talk to whenever you wish. They market you to potential partners.
No team of experts. In fact, no-one to talk to at all
Provide feedback after each introduction, for an even more detailed profile of what someone is like and what they are looking for
Every member is interviewed, so profiles are always accurate and kept up to date through regular contact
No interviews. 33% of online daters admit to lying in their profile!* Photos often 'out of date'

Every member's ID is checked, so the agency knows who they are and where they live

Every member is single
Members receive advertising from third parties
Target audience
Aimed at genuinely single people looking for a serious relationship
Marketed at people - single or not - who will remain active members as long as possible
Registration fee
Yes. It demonstrates that you're serious.
Often no. Anyone can join (and anyone does).
Monthly fee
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* according to a Nielsen NetRatings survey

Do you prefer privacy and speed?

If you value the privacy and speed that RSVP has to offer, provide us with a few details about yourself (there's no obligation to take it further) and we will advise details of pricing and availability of memberships in your area once we know how we can help you.

Or do you prefer cheapness and 'anything goes'?

If you have the time and 'anything goes' attitude to let internet dating work for you, why not choose an agency which subscribes to the ABIA's code of conduct?

And - if you really want to maximise your chances - do both!

Still not convinced? Consider some of these alternatives...

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